Advertising, Bulk Marketing, Email Marketing

Your marketing plan is a continuous process to identify and adapt to changes in markets, customer tastes, and the economy for the success of your business. We can provide your company with effective marketing solutions and campaigns.

We can do a complete marketing audit for you and prepare appropriate marketing strategies and plans to meet your objectives. We will also ensure the integration of your web site into your companies existing promotional mix, to ensure maximum results.

We prepare marketing strategies, plans and campaigns to meet the client’s needs.

Areas of concentration are:

  • Marketing and Web research
  • Using the Internet as an effective Marketing Tool
  • Customer service and service quality evaluation (SERVQUAL)
  • Promoting new or existing products and services
  • Business Plan development and implementation
  • Target marketing
  • Competitive Analysis

Our basic marketing plan for structuring and promoting the clients product or service consists of:

  • Product or Service targeting process (this process results in producing the information you need to develop a new product/service or refocus an existing product or service).
  • Product or Service Analysis (tells you what’s working or what’s not working  and why).
  • Design of a Promotional Plan and Campaigns that identifies where you need to promote your product/service.